Brand Ambassador Program is a new Swimwear Brand and we are currently in the works of putting together an AWESOME Cheeky-Babes Brand Ambassador Program!

For the starting phases, we are offering our Cheeky-Babes a 30% DISCOUNT on ALL of their PERSONAL orders!

In addition, we will assign a custom 20% discount code to each of our Cheeky-Babes for their PROMOTIONAL use. Every 5th ITEM SOLD using your custom PROMO CODE, you will earn a FREE CHEEKY-BIKINI or CHEEKY-SPORT ITEM of your choice up to $50 value!

You can only use the 30% discount for your PERSONAL suits. Don’t share this code with anyone!

We will keep track and monitor your PROMO code to ensure you receive credit for each order placed using your code, and notify you every time you receive a credit to your account! Once you hit 5 items sold with your promo code, you tell us which Cheeky-Swimwear Product you want, size, and where to send it!

When you receive your first order be sure to tag @CheekyBikiniSwim showcasing your new Products!

In addition, make sure you're following us on IG and Facebook, and invite your friends to do so as well! On Facebook, click the Community tab and invite all your friends to like Cheeky-Swimwear!

Share a post on that you’re a new brand ambassador with your PROMO code for your friends to use and tag us in it!



We are a growing Swimwear Brand, and will be sure to show ALL of our love to our Cheeky-Babes that started from the beginning! Rewards will only get better as we grow!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please fill out the following form so we can review your application - if you qualify, we will set up your PROMO codes and be in touch!

Cheeky-Babes Team